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Commissioner's Office

Mike Mangeot, Commissioner


I am a native Kentuckian and am privileged to be able to promote my home state as a tourism destination.  In my spare time there is nothing I enjoy more than fishing. 

Mike Mangeot


Call: 502-892-3222

Email: [email protected]

Kimberly Clay,  Director of Cultural Heritage


I serve as the cultural heritage tourism director for KDT, and originally came to Kentucky for work in the great outdoors on what I thought to be a one year experiment. Now many years later, I have the privilege of introducing visitors to all the wonderful things best about Kentucky, especially exploring Kentucky’s less-known stories and hidden gems.

Kimberly Clay

Director of Cultural Heritage

Call: 502-892-3235

Email: [email protected]

Chenelle Mcgee, Director of International and Group Sales


I am a graduate of the Art Institute of California and served in the United States Marine Corps before joining the tourism industry at ShelbyKYtourism.  As the International and Domestic Sales Director, I thrive on the opportunity to focus more attention on partnerships, and data to assist in showcasing the great Commonwealth of Kentucky with visitors, sightseers, and wanderers alike.  

Chenelle McGee

International & Group Sales Director

Call: 502-892-3232

Email: [email protected]

Courtney Hall, Program Research Coordinator


I am the program research coordinator. I am married and have two dogs and a kitten. My husband and I love to travel, hike, fish, and spend time with family. My favorite place in Kentucky is the mountains in eastern Kentucky. 

Courtney Hall

Program Research Coordinator

Call: 502-892-3229

Email: [email protected]

Jacob Lilly Special Projects Coordinator


I love making memories on exciting trips and vacations with my family, spending time with my pets at home, or just relaxing and diving into a great book. You’ll typically find me attending a tour at a historic site or museum somewhere around the Commonwealth.

Jacob Lilly

Special Projects Coordinator

Call: 502-892-3168

Email: [email protected]

My work as a consultant brought me to Kentucky many times, but it wasn’t until I was a tourist in 2012 that my eyes were opened to the state’s beauty and charm.  Three years later, this lifelong Chicagoan became a resident of Kentucky.  I joined this amazing Tourism team in March 2023 and am thrilled to be managing a program designed to support the further development of this vital industry.  I enjoy getting to know the state and all it has to offer via the back roads, taking the scenic route (with an occasional detour).

Kimberly Gester

Director of Tourism Development

Call: 502-892-3198

Email: [email protected]

Jayla Widener

Hi, I’m Jayla Widener and I serve as the Purchasing Agent for KDT, I have been with the Cabinet since 2007. I reside in Franklin County with my family whom I enjoy traveling with, and watching my children play sports. 

Jayla Widener

Purchasing Agent

Call: 502-892-3365

Email: [email protected]

Kim Woolums

Hello, I am the Administrative Specialist III for the KDT. I am a native Kentuckian. I love spending time with my daughter, two sons and granddaughter. We all love to get together making new memories. I also enjoy traveling around the state learning about new things the state of Kentucky has to offer. My favorite place is at the horse races or on the water at one of the beautiful lakes all around Kentucky.

Kim Woolums

Administrative Specialist III

Call: 502-782-3893

Email: [email protected]




Kristie Wooldridge, Director of Communications


I am a proud Kentuckian and graduate of Eastern Kentucky University who enjoys learning about the unique people, places and traditions that make up our state and sharing those stories. Prior to this role I worked in public relations supporting the bourbon industry for several years, and before that reported for a handful of newspapers across Kentucky as a journalist.

Kristie Wooldridge

Director of Communications

Call: 502-892-3452

Email: [email protected]

Mackin Headshot

I am an army brat, born at Ft. Knox, but raised mostly in southeast Virginia. I studied journalism at Spring Hill College and I have written for newspapers in Mississippi, Virginia and most recently The State Journal in Frankfort. While I love writing and always find my way back to it, I have spent time in several other industries. I have worked as a bartender, court stenographer, soldier, lifeguard, hotel sales coordinator and a golf course greenskeeper to name a few. In a stroke of good fortune, I was hired on at Kentucky Department of Tourism in July 2023. I am so excited to be able to use my skillset to tell people how amazing the Bluegrass State is and why they should come visit.

Ben Mackin

Communications Specialist

Call: 502-892-3231

Email: [email protected]

Jack Spurlock

I am a native Kentuckian and holds a B.A. in history from Georgetown College. As social media specialist at the KY Department of Tourism, it’s my mission to promote the Commonwealth through social media channels, keeping an eye on trends and analyzing the performance of content to direct the public to the best our home state has to offer. In my spare time, I am a writer, filmmaker, musician and outdoorsman, and I like to play with my pet rabbit. 

Jack Spurlock

Information Officer II

Call: 502-352-8915

Email: [email protected]




Kathy Yount, Marketing Director


I am the marketing director and have been with the department since 1997. I am married with 2 daughters and 4 grandkids. We all love to travel and spend a lot of time on the water. My favorite Kentucky place is Cumberland Falls.

Kathy Yount

Marketing Director

Call: 502-892-3224

Email: [email protected]

MaryAnn Seeman, Graphic Design Coordinator


I have been a graphic designer for the Kentucky Department of Tourism since 2003. I am married with two kiddos. We love to travel and we also love coming back home to our life in the country, where we often go for walks and bike rides. Making memories with my family is my favorite thing to do.

MaryAnn Seeman

Graphic Design Coordinator

Call: 502-892-3226

Email: [email protected]

Beth Holbrook


I am the administrator for the Extranet and website. It is exciting to be returning to the Department of Tourism after a 6 year hiatus. I love sharing all the wonderful things Kentucky has to offer. My partner and I spend time with our grandkids and our sweet dog.

Beth Holbrook

Marketing Specialist

Call: 502-892-3233

Email: [email protected]



Tourism Services

Rhonda Nix, Program Manager


Hello, I am the Regional Marketing & Matching Funds Program manager.  I started this adventure with the department 36 years ago.  My 27 year old son Tyler, is my pride and joy along with his beautiful wife Taylor.  Vacations are my favorite hobby and attending tourism events with my selfie stick, so smile next time you see me.

Rhonda Nix

Program Manager

Call: 502-892-3217

Email: [email protected]

Karen Hackett, Program Assistant


​It was with great enthusiasm I joined KDT in January 2021 as the Regional Marketing & Matching Funds Program Assistant. Having worked in the state’s travel & tourism industry for over four decades, this opportunity enabled me to remain employed in a rewarding career path, stay connected to statewide partners and offer assistance in areas that help contribute to the growth of the Commonwealth’s economy.

Karen Hackett

Program Coordinator

Call: 502-892-3218

Email: [email protected]

Kenny Atha, Welcome Center Manager


I began as the welcome center manager in 2018 and have been in state government since 2003. I oversee daily operations and tourism employees of our seven welcome centers. I live in Franklin County, KY with my wife and our two children. I enjoy watching my kids play sports, hunting and fishing. We are always traveling the state in search of new adventures. 

Kenny Atha

Welcome Center Manager

Call: 502-892-3239

Email: [email protected]



Welcome Centers

Bullitt County Welcome Center, I-65 South

Christian County Welcome Center, I-24 West

Franklin Welcome Center, I-65 North   

Grayson Welcome Center, I-64 West (TEMPORARY CLOSED FOR REPAIRS)

Shelby County Welcome Center, I-64 East

Whitehaven Welcome Center, I-24 East

Williamsburg Welcome Center, I-75 North

Kentucky Department Of Tourism